about plus613

what the hell is this site anyway?

#plus613 is an 'IRC' (internet relay chat) channel on the efnet network, frequented typically by people from Melbourne, Australia. It got its name from various old BBS (bulletin board systems, the thing before the Internet was popular) users, and the international dialing code for Melbourne, Australia (+613 - plus613).

This channel has been operating since about 1995, when a couple of Melbourne locals, caddis and pulse, decided to make a channel for local software enthusiasts. This web page is an extension of the channel. Rather than giving random web page addresses for friends to view funny pictures/whatever, we decided to create a central repository for them, and for anybody else to upload to.

plus613.net was started in November 2003. It was written and designed by revert, and is maintained by pulse and darkklown. In May of 2005 we created a spinoff website called porn613.net in an effort to reduce the amount of pornography being uploaded to plus613.net, and thus bring it back into line with our original vision of the site. In the past 24 months, we have had a total of over 45,000 images uploaded to the 613 network (plus613 and porn613.net) and displayed nearly 72,000,000 images to Internet users such as yourself. This is an increase of 41,000 images uploaded and 67,000,000 images displayed since this time last year! In August of 2008, after the site growing to having served over 178,000,000 image views, darkklown re-wrote the entire back-end of the 613 network to better enable extension and modification of the website (having now a better understanding of what users wanted from the network).

This is an interesting social experiment on internet users. We hope that viewers of the website will contribute something from their personal collection. Unlike other internet sites with 'funny pictures' online, the content is not controlled by the webmaster. We try not to moderate anything uploaded to this page (note: illegal/disgusting images will not be tolerated - the basic rule of thumb is 'if you wouldn't show your mother, we don't want it'). In this, we hope to find an interesting selection of pictures that the cross section of internet users have supplied us with. This page reaches beyond normal prejudices of race, wealth and religion. All users of this website fall into one category: people. And we want to see what people find interesting and funny.

If you have any pictures you find funny/interesting/cool/whatever, please click on 'add image' now, and help us out. If you like this site or its contents, please tell your friends. If you wish to contact us, you can email [email protected]

[email protected] #plus613.

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