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Comments for: `'\_>!
anon Report This Comment
Date: February 01, 2007 04:57AM

what a fucking train wreck this hog body is
anon100 Report This Comment
Date: February 01, 2007 09:27AM

"Hog body"? Well, she looks fucking sexy to me and I particularly love it when big-boobed girls do this 'handing her tits' to you thing.

Anyway, as you've got such a big issue about it (not inspired at all by Hollywood dwarves airbrushed into nonexistence almost, oh no not at all) why not post a couple of pics of your own hardbody self and your equally gorgeous wife/girlfriend/lover, just so that we'll have some kind of benchmark to understand your judgements.

Remember, only a woman who you have ACTUALLY had sex with applies. (And not had to pay, too.) That's assuming you've actually had sex with anyone other than yourself, of course.
6896868 Report This Comment
Date: February 01, 2007 03:08PM

She looks a lot like uma thurman, except with meat.
anon Report This Comment
Date: February 01, 2007 06:44PM

hey 100. lighten up. is this hog body your wife? mind your own fucking business. i wasnt talking to you nor your fat wife. i was simply saying this thick woman is a hog body and it makes me puke to think of fucking her. maybe if she were my wife and the mother of my 2 kids i would think differently. but she aint and i dont.

you wanna fuck pigs like this? go ahead. i dont.

as fare as I go, im not posting a pic of myself. though my body isnt too bad, im not into the whole internet porn thing. i dont give a shit about what people think about me and if you put a pic up here, you should expect to be judgd.

thge world has balance needle dick. because of peopl like me there must be losers like you who actually find pigs like this attractive.


dumb fuck
watcher Report This Comment
Date: February 01, 2007 07:45PM

Its good to see that we have balanced conversations and that we all respect each others views

I would hate to see us all at each others throats and not getting along. der.

How about shaking hands and giving each other a nice big sloppy kiss then.

Now dont that fell better KIDS

ps personaly i dont mind the bitch.i for one am not perfect (shit i carnt beleive i said that,i must be crook or something)
anon100 Report This Comment
Date: February 02, 2007 05:37AM

"im not into the whole internet porn thing" says our man. Well, excuse me if I am tempted to say something along the lines of Fuck Off then, back to your wife and two kids (assuming they exist) and stop frittering away your time posting here.

Of course in this free world you're entitled to have sexual feelings about marginally-paedophile anorexic runts if you want, and all I can say is that even as a young person (several decades ago) I always preferred a woman of substance, someone who looks like a genuine adult human female.

Actualy I have only marginal respect for your views at all, and to tell the truth it is the perpetual teenagers with their ideas of attraction moulded by American television rubbish who infest this site that make it so irritating.
hot canadian Report This Comment
Date: February 02, 2007 07:26PM

your one dumbass. maybe you've never had the enjoyment of a bigger women.I have and love um all. Believe it or not they'll fuck the shit out of you as they are trying to prove a point. Myself, hey your beautiful and love those big tits.mmmmm
anon Report This Comment
Date: February 03, 2007 03:16PM

LMAO. okay you dumb fucking hoser. LOL

i doesnt surprise me that a fucking canadian would have standards like this.

you like living in the "subsidiary of USA inc.?"