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shemale (Aline Santos)

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shemale (Aline Santos)

Comments for: shemale (Aline Santos)
anon100 Report This Comment
Date: July 15, 2007 10:38AM

Fabulous - a fucking sexy woman with a hard throbbing cock. Some exceedingly desirable babes in this little series.

And just wait a minute, before you start going on about how they're 'men with tits' or something and 'not really women' and so on. Just what is the difference between men and women? OK if you're going to be really fundamentalist about it then its simply an accident of birth, but isn't there a lot more to it than that. These shemales are very sexy indeed, more so than many genetic-origin women, and I speak as a heterosexual. Who isn't afraid of touching a cock - I mean, I've been touching *mine* for 55 years! Just think of it as a very very very big clit. Which is actually what it is anyway.

The main difference between men and womn is what goes on in their heads, the way they see the world. Given the fact that many posters on 613 quite obviously do *not* like or enjoy women at all except as sexual objects (which is nothing to do with whether you like porn despite what some extremists would have you beliecve - I'm talking about actually liking women for themselves) I can't understand why there's an issue with this.
rustyballs Report This Comment
Date: July 15, 2007 02:15PM

What a clever use of photoshop.
rio Report This Comment
Date: July 15, 2007 04:42PM

Sorry rusty, but these girls are all real, heres another picture of Aline Santos.

rio Report This Comment
Date: July 15, 2007 04:48PM

Okay well im new to the site, so im learning how to do everything.. I think this should work though.

<a href=''><img src=''></a>
rio Report This Comment
Date: July 15, 2007 04:50PM

ok fuck it, i dont get this site. just go search Aline Santos or goto the shemale gallery, i just uploaded a new photo to prove its not shopped, these have watermarks anyways.