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tits 23

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tits 23

Comments for: tits 23
beefstrokinoff Report This Comment
Date: February 21, 2008 09:27AM

Super Nice - 5*s
meeeee2 Report This Comment
Date: February 21, 2008 01:41PM

Erica Campbell, In her early days......
fotoeray Report This Comment
Date: February 21, 2008 02:07PM


Real Name: Betty Lou Thelma Liz
Born on Date: June 21, 1984
Born in Place: Ada, Oklahoma
Measurements: 36"-24"-36"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Height: 5'-7"
eyes: Yes
Hair color: Strawberry Blond(ish)
Carpet Match: Yes
Trim: Brazil
Education: Yes
Music likes: Metal, Classic Rock, Alternative
Film Likes: Spun, Team America, Monty Pythons Holy Grail
Turn Ons: $48.00 motels (I get the points)
Turn Offs: Wall Mirrors
Sexual desires: Me on top 69, doggy, outdoors,spray on tanning, bi-curious

Thelma currently resides in Nemaha,Nebraska with her new found lover.
Recently released from the nervous hospital,with papers that says she can resume the use of sharp objects,Thelma continues to enjoy her stay at home life style. After a stroll around Nemaha,cooking and baking pies for her lover while partially nude is a time passing hobby that she hopes will take her mind off quote "the way things were".
Thelma wants to "travel a bit before settling down with a single partner and have childern".
Surfing porn sites such as this one tend to bring out her inner wild-child sexual feelings. "Porn 613 is a cornucopia of adult outreaches and diverse mannerisms in which a person can feel comfortable with themselves and helps me to realize that fotoeray isn't really the retarded twisted bastard that I expected to come to Nemaha and meet".
"Thanks to fingerfuck for uploading this image of me in one of my more relaxed moments". "We all had a great time choosing that just right picture".
"The one where they rolled me around in the flour and looked for the wet spot would more than likely get censored and deleted from this site fotoeray thought, Which has become an obsessive concern of his lately".
"Please vote now and often to give me the highest average rating possible".