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Suck & Cum

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Suck & Cum

Comments for: Suck & Cum
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Date: December 09, 2005 04:24PM

Let me start off by saying you don't intimidate me, no one does, ever, anywhere, period. I have been called many things, well actually I think I've been called everything, I can't think of anything anyone hasn't called me in my 39 years of life. I can be an asshole sometimes and I'm short, fat, going grey and going bald. I've got a small penis and I'm not too good in bed. I masturbate alot and I like it. I don't look like a movie star and I'm not rich. I'm sort of lazy and I fart and pick my nose (no I don't eat my boogers) but I do occasionally like the taste cum and to be fucked in the ass, and I love dicks, all of them, which leads to the fact that I'm bisexual. I'm married and my wife knows it and likes it, cause she and I both fuck the same guy (sometimes seperate and sometimes all together). So say what you will, that's right, I'm whatever you say I am and that's ok.

Ok, so you want a response, well here's one for you all. First of all, I am not prejudice, I am not entirely a racist, but I believe in racism to a degree, and if you do not know the difference, then I suggest you Google the two words and learn the difference. I do not wear a silly little pointed hat and white sheet and burn crosses. But there are still many out there who are and do, and thats reality, so you get over it. I have had many friends and lovers that happened to be of another ethnicity other than my own, which none of you know what that is and frankly is none of your business. But as soon as you see anything even deragotory towards blacks or Mexicans, you automaticly assume the poster is a white "redneck", which in and of itself is prejuduce, so there. Secondly, I have an issue with the deletion of the "nigger" cartoon pic I posted. That isn't anymore offensive than other pics I've seen posted here that remain, I say undue censorchip, but that is the perogative of the webmaster, so be it; however, look at the "racist" comment above posted to a airplane accident, why not remove that comment, it's got a link to a "racist" and neo-nazi / skinhead website, I didn't post it, why not remove the airplane pic too, or the pic I posted of the dead bodies in the water, personally, which was is worse than the pic of the "nigger". I'm sure that must offend someone somewhere. I know the pics of the fat or ugly or black or Indian or Mexican or too skinny or too short or too tall or feet or penises or asses (arses) or big tits or little tits or simulated rape or genital mutilation or whatever else must offend someone somewhere, just look at any of the comments. Someone posts a pic of what seems to be a perfect body, which is subjective I realize, and somebody posts a nasty comment. Somebody posts a pic of a nasty body and some posts a nice comment, again beauty and what is a turn on is SUBJECTIVE, don't decide for others what they like. What is acceptable to me or you may not be acceptable to the next person. I'm sure there are plenty of people here that post negative comments to pics then fantasize or even masturbate to the same pics they ridiculed, tell me that isn't true. Most of the "haters" that post FAGGOT when they see a pic of a dick, by the way the word faggot is offensive to someone somewhere, are looking at it by opening up the pic to post a comment and probably like looking at it whether they want to admit it or not. If one has enough time to post or look at pics all day, than I say everyone here needs to get a life, INCLUDING MYSELF, and lighten up for god's sake. I found and I think the rational people out there will agree with me, that there are way too many serious comments posted here. Everyone shouting "photoshop" or "rape" or whatever. I make nasty comments myself too, which I'm sure has to hurt someones feelings or offend someone, but I do it because I can and in my own way think is funny. I comment on what I see, and I repost what I see. If I think it will make someone think or feel something other than the numbness of sitting behind the computer screen, then I say good. I think that is better than going out on the street and yelling at someone or hurting someone. Yes we ALL hide behind a veil of anonimity on the net, and that is probably good and even healthy. YES, this is a porn site, not a heterosexual only porn site, so unless they make a porn613 gay site, it all goes here whether you like it or not. If you don't like looking at men, don't open the thumbnail, if you do, well then there it is. If I don't want to see something nasty, I pass along to the next pic, easy as that. And as the comments reflect, there are a lot of women looking here too and I'm sure some of them like looking at guys. As far as the off topic posts, they are meant to be humorous, you know humor right, that's when you laugh at something funny, or to make people think about the reality of life, because life isn't perfect bodies and warm kisses, or to encite angry little people like [email protected] and others to make the comments, which I feel he or she is entitled to do, just like I am entitled to do. If the webmasters didn't want to see comments, we all wouldn't be able to post them, only pics, right? right. So then, I think enough said, probably not, but thats all I have to say. To those who agree with me, thank you, to those who don't, fuck you. I'm tired of typing and I have to go take a shit. (that's supossed to be funny folks)