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H-D custom brought to Cz republic.

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H-D custom brought to Cz republic.

Comments for: H-D custom brought to Cz republic.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: May 08, 2006 12:24PM

Great, another oil-pissing POS Harley. Yay. As if there ain't enough 40 year old teenagers riding around on these worthless fucking things already.
satyride Report This Comment
Date: May 08, 2006 12:34PM

ok.I've been riding since last 2 + decades in europe , have many bikes because we can't get a legal registration for a purchased bike in the country you are living in...because they cant charge the VAT tax 17-21% and if they give legal plate to you ..then you could black market the bike at a lower price.In the beginning 1980 or so ..all I had to do was drive across a border every 90 days, restamp passport and good to go another 90 days..but now with E.U.this is a problem few check points,open borders, no stamping so more often I fly USA bikes in and resell or store til sale...this H-D was a mistake as central Prague is cobblestone and ride was horrid.
satyride Report This Comment
Date: May 08, 2006 12:42PM

show your bike and plate to verify you are a rider...just kidding squid I surmised, or you would not stone H-D...Oh, by the by many bikes,Jap, Euro,dirt,tour, cruse,sport... love'm all ..its about the ride....leave ego at home.......especially since in most cases you had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BUILD or DESIGN OF YOUR just bought it. OK?your fly is open.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: May 09, 2006 12:41PM

What the fuck makes you think that just because someone is a rider that they would automatically love h-d? H-d's are expensive, overly hyped pieces of crap that don't 'ride' worth a fuck. Take a look around...the only people riding these slow-ass non-handling heaps of shit are grey haired 40+ year old dudes trying desperately to look cool, and failing miserably.
satyride Report This Comment
Date: May 09, 2006 06:10PM be a wise guy..But how in the world do you know HOW many bikes I: a) own ..answer now down to 7 b.)what I own now or have owned in the past( way to many but alphabetically from Arial 4 to Zundapp with side hack c.) how many miles I ride a year d.)how long I have been riding e.)what contributions I have personaly made to Ducatti in terms of funding the redevelopment of the co. in the time period 1990-91 via Texas venture capital groupe.e.)what countries of the world I have owned bikes in f.) while I agree the motor an antique..relice of image vrs. performance, design initiaves we must admit the RUB's and others who buy the dream are doing real riders a service...awareness of the greatest transport on the planet...chill young one ... the H-D co will still be here when we are gone and the morons who crave them also...dont be so up tight because someone owns a stupid your opinion...I can tolerate your immature attitude...I assume you are the great white hope for race bikes...the next Dr.Rossi perhaps but brains wins races not just blind courage....dont get hi-sided, watch for oil on the track.Oh, since I started riding 1958...and have appeared reciently in RIDER mag..see letters to editor photo of Iron Butt Badged Triumph riding in Italian Dolomite Alps...July..2005 issue...feel free to write me at my email.I have 5000 bike pictures with some racing never published...cheers mate.Oh.I also took Titan M/C public in 1998NASD...dont blame me for 20" over forks or unrideable bar hoppers...styles come and all manner of will see...give yourself time..slow down....ez..tiger balls.Streetfighters of the world arise you have nothing to loose but your LED undertank lights, and my bike sounds fast..carbon fiber cans....STAY TUNED FOR THE LATEST IN BIKE FADS >>BROUGHT TO YOU BY>>>>BIKERS WHO WILL KILL TO BE FASHIONABLE AND POLITICALLY CORRECT.
xxglassescom Report This Comment
Date: August 07, 2006 03:22PM

what the fuck is this...

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