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Date: April 30, 2018 05:11PM
I had always admired her from afar, her sweet brown eyes drew me onto deep fantasies of lustful poignant sexuality I just couldn't deny. Those eyes framed beautifully on her gorgeous round face made me weak when I found the courage to stare at her. I have to say that for any woman to have that much overt energy was unfair but what really put over the top was her smile, pearly teeth and dimples that made me melt. I knew I could never have her, her man took good care of her and she clung to him like a kitten to a bowl of fresh milk.
That didn't stop me from smiling at her, engaging her and spending every moment I was around her stealing glances and staring when I could. No, I let her know I enjoyed her beauty and she'd always smile politely while rebuffing my advances like the lady she was.
One day I heard she was finally engaged and the date was set, my pretty little diamond was going to be off the market forever. I wished her well and thought the matter over, she even invited me to her wedding. I thought it was a nice gesture but I didn't think I would intrude on her special day lusting after her like a man sentenced to a lengthy prison term and her the last really lady I was going to see. Yes, I would let her wedding pass without me...
But to see her in her gown... Flanked by her lovely sisters, they were really just daisy's beside her, she was the rose of the garden and on that day her beauty would be pinnacled for a moment... I had to see her...
It was a last minute decision, I pulled out my best dress pants ironed it and matched up a teal shirt and tie for the event. I had to look good. At the very least, I wanted her to smile when she seen me...
Before I got to the small chapel I decided to buy a blue rose to match my outfit and pinned it to my pocket. A small thing, but I'll tell you what it started. You see when I got to the chapel it seemed to be complete chaos. The gathered family and friends were milling about the sanctuary in an uncertain manner. The groom was surrounded by his groomsmen with various looks of concern passing between each other. And I could see some of the bridesmaids speaking with members of the family. I felt awkwardly unwelcomed.
So I decided to find a bathroom. I wandered around the main floor for a bit to no Avail, words were whispered about a run a way bride, cold feet, warmer socks and what ever other analogies could be drummed up. I felt sad that today was going to be a bust, but did find out the washrooms were down stairs. Once I found the stairs I renewed my purpose and headed down.
The whimper I heard as I came out of the washroom was quiet, muffled. I turned to the door I thought it was coming from and went through. The room was empty. But again came the quiet sobbing, as I looked through the room I realized there was another door cut into the wall and made to appear as nothing more than wall. I closed the door behind me and went to it.
It opened with a small push and the sobbing stopped. A small desk lamp lit the room and there sitting in a heap on the floor was the most beautiful bride I had ever seen. And she was dabbing her eyes with Kleenex.
"I can't do this!" She said to me, "It just freaks me out that I'm only going to have one man in my life and its going to be him!"
"Well I thought you loved him, that was the whole reason for getting married? Wasn't it?" I really wasn't sure I was suppose to be saying anything at all. But I couldn't just leave her like that. "Come on, get up and we'll get you ready and on your way. Everyone is waiting for your lovely smile and your dancing eyes!"
She looked up to me and smiled, "you always have the nicest things to say to me" she said as she took my hand.
I smiled back and helped her to her feet, "you make it easy, come, give me a hug!"
I watched her come closer and I wrapped my arms around her. "You're going to do great as his wife, you'll see." She smelled of ginger and apricots with a hint of lavender, I held her close savouring the moment. Her cheek pressed against mine for a moment and I took a chance. I stole a kiss on her warm skin. As I did her arms pulled me tighter and I responded in kind. Enjoying her fresh scent and memory of the taste of her cheek.
Surprise over took me as she tilted her head I felt her full luscious lips on my neck, her breath down my back... "Thank you" she whispered and I didn't want to let her go. Gently I rubbed her back, caressing her slightly. Softly I kissed her neck, my lips floating on her skin hesitantly, expecting her to pull back at any moment.
"I need something," I heard her whisper "I can't do this alone."
"What" I asked, "what do you need? " she pushed away from me a bit and I felt her hands coming around my waist, down to my crotch.
"Just a little something to take the edge off" through my pants she could feel my cock harden as she rubbed it. "Usually he does this but I can't see him before the wedding, bad luck you know" her hands moved deftly to unbuckle my pants as she began kissing my neck.
A part of me wanted so badly to push her away, to tell her this was wrong, we were in a church, on her wedding day! But just as I was about to say it, I felt my pants being pushed down and her soft hands wrap around my hardness. Her eyes met mine and she smiled, I felt memorized. In heaven and not caring about the hell I was going to.
She dropped down and I felt her lips wrap around me as she took my shaft in her mouth. Her lips as large as rose pellets were perfect for this and I watched as each lovely stroke left more and more lipstick where it shouldn't have been. I was being a good friend I told myself, she needed to take the edge off and I... I... Wanted her to...
I wasn't sure who's office we were in but I was sure it was a quiet room, perhaps used for counselling after church. I pushed the thought away and began to listen to the upstairs, the organ was being played - I think it was a hymn...
My cock stood at complete attention as she continued her lip massage, I began to grow bold and started to push myself deeper into her mouth. I didn't want to ruin her hair so I reminded strictly hands off timing each thrust to her motion. I wanted each push to be deeper into her...
She stopped and looked up at me, "I think you're ready." And smiled.
"Ready? Ready for what!?"
"To take the edge off silly" then she turned around, bent over the desk and told me to lift up her dress.
Slowly I revealed her legs as I gathered her train and pushed it up, her thighs were stunningly well curved that shaped up into a rounded full ass that was bent over and inviting to me... I grabbed her white panties and pulled them down as she swayed her hips from side to side. I could feel the heat radiating out from her hot cunt and I knew she was ready too. But I just had to taste her lips, a gentle lick and I heard her moan. I wet my tongue and began to lick and suck her pussy over and over. Each taste made me hungrier for more, her breath began to pant as she moaned more. My fingers pushed into her wet lips wiggling, caressing her as I sopped up her juices. Eagerly my tongue lapped her up and when she finally came it was a hot sweet burst of fluid that filled my mouth with every desire I had ever had for her. In that moment my life was complete. In that moment nothing else mattered.
"OH, fuck me now!" She gasped.
I got up looking at her legs dripping with her cum and pushed my rod deep into her. I didn't hold back and when she screamed I could only pull it out and shove it back in harder. Each time I pounded my cock into her peach her ass shook and bounced back in a way that made me want to hit it harder. Her white dress hid the rest of her from me, if it wasn't for her pants of enjoyment I'd have forgot she was there. But that ass kept me focused and horny. Just watching it react to my fucking her was an expression of joy itself. My hands wrapped tightly around her hips pulling her close with each thrust and each thrust I could feel myself getting closer to the edge.
Then she squirted again. Her panties were simply soaked. Upstairs the organ started into another hymn.
In my mind I could see her perfect face and as my pelvic hammered into hers the urge to cum overcame me and my cock exploded into hot shots of horny juice. Each thrust pushed more into her oven but I didn't care I was fucking the woman of my dreams and making her cum.
It was meant to be...
As we lay there panting over each other I suddenly heard voices. Muffled but getting louder, we looked at each other and scurried away to compose ourselves. I, pulling my pants up, her wiping herself off and tossing her panties under the bookcase. I wondered who was going to find those...
Quickly she adjusted herself and smiled at me just as the door opened, "thank you so much for helping me through this," she said "you really took the edge off."
"What are you doing?" Her bridesmaid said. She eyed me warily as if she was unsure of who I was or why I was there, "everyone's looking for you."
"I know, I know! I'm sorry. But I have admit I almost ran but we talked about it an he took the edge off!" She answered, her bridesmaid didn't look satisfied but seemed content to let it go. "Oh you know what? I don't have something blue, or something borrowed" she finished while looking at me.
It took me a moment but I suddenly clued in, my rose was blue and she could borrow it! Her wedding would be complete thanks to me! Her and her bridesmaid left the room together and as I began to head to the door I was surprised as it opened again. Into the room walked the Best Man, and he didn't look to happy to see me... But that's another story...
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