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Date: June 26, 2016 05:28AM
Well I loved playing my cock the day I discovered it, actually liked playing with other boys if I felt they were into it, a slight few, one wouldn’t let me touch it or suck it and the other kept saying don’t cum in my mouth, sucking his was just meaningless. I found more men who loved sucking young boys off hitchhiking and I dressed in short shorts and no undies, shoe laces kept it secure and easy to untie if and believe me never ever if, the adult male loves young boy cock, especially since I hated pubic hair being a rather hairless dude so I used that hair remover girls used, shaving sucked. Anyways as I got into the ride with those short ass shorts exposed either the head of my cock or balls or both. Sitting exposed nothing except a bulge on the left side and so obvious to the dude who picked me up. Which lead to a conversation on sex, have I scored and girls yet, am I a virgin and last do I jack off yet? I answer yes to a swingers magazine with hard cocks of men looking to have sex with gay guys, now the bulge is huge and now exposing the side of my cock at which point I untie the lace and it pops out throbbing right in front of a stranger who somehow also has his cock out too. Now the conversation is an invitation to his home for a cool drink and how he has magazines I might enjoy and even some gay videos, interested as he has his hand on my cock feeling it telling me how huge it is and how old I was, I’m 15 your joking that’s bigger than mine, it looks hairless is it, sure is I love it like that, he comes back saying he shaves his smooth too. Are uncut or cut, me I’m uncut as he says he is too. So how about it I have beer and lots of gay porn and I’ll even give you fifty bucks, hay do you do drugs? Hell yes coke, speed, pot what yeah got? I have really good coke no speed or pot. Hay you like sex cuz coke makes me a faggot in heat, you too, sure does instant fag. You ever smoke it in rock form, that’s the only way I do it. How far you live from here, he said the next light then a right, house on corner as he hits his remote and the door opens and shuts as we driven in, not a soul on the streets either. Cool I don’t want to be busted with a boy cock lover doing coke sucking cock, shit everyone will know I’m a cocksucker. Nice place this dudes has money, he opens the door and says go straight and you’ll find the living room, did I gay magazines everywhere all have shaved cocks cum shot completions written on them, guess who likes cum.
He hands me a German Beer, thanks I love theses, well there are plenty more, I thought we do a hit and strip with each hit, like the idea. Shit my cock is already rock hard, yeah sounds kinky slow tease. He hand me the pipe first with a small torch and I take a hit and wow instant faggot and horny high that I love so much as I hand him the pipe I rub his crouch feeling he has a throbbing hard on too, as he takes a hit I unzip his pants and whip his cock out and start sucking on it and he shoots his load in my mouth surprised I swallow as much as I can and he tasted good, I said we have all day and most of the night I have to be home by midnight. You know there’s more where that came from and you taste great, with that we were now naked with hard cocks swaying back and forth as we exchanged the pipe back and forth, I was dripping pre-cum and he saw it and was on top of it sucking me off as I took a huge hit and sure enough I shot a load in his mouth as he mumbled how sweet my cum was.
Now he turns on the tape as if need it, but fucken that was so hot, all on just cum shooting into guys mouths all had shaved cocks, we smoked and sucked and exploded cum 10 hours, I got dressed and even this guy had pills to bring you down and gave me a bottle of it, asking if I like to come over in the morning after my father leaves for work, he said he can sneak me into a bath house and we can get a room a smoke suck and meet other white shaved cocks to suck while porn is being played on screens in the vip room. I said really, gee never been but tried just to get kicked out, he said he owns it and the private room will keep us safe and with the cameras I can choose who to invite based on if I like his cock, his staff will inform him he has a been requested to the vip room for a private party and I know everyone and if they don’t do rock we won’t invite them and all are smoothies so are you game.

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Date: July 12, 2018 01:18PM
Are 99.9% of the guys on here gay??
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