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Date: June 26, 2016 05:25AM
You’re never too young for gay cock
Part 1
Well I grew up in the Bay Area where gays men were excepted long before other places, as a young boy I loved playing with my cock; this led to asking other boys and girls is I show you mine if you show yours, this lead to can I touch it, can I taste. Well pussy wasn’t it but I liked cock sucking if that is what it was? But this younger girl loved sucking cock and she did a great job, I loved being orally pleasured. I found magazines at newsstands that were for swingers and showed adults naked and men with huge cocks that stood tall like a tree trunk, I was fixated and could care less about the girls except a few notable boobs. I had a few boy friends in 5th grade and sixth that like playing with our cocks next to one another but he wouldn’t let me touch it or suck it. My parents divorced when I was just turning 13 and he never ever was around till past midnight. We lived way up on top of the Oakland hills and a bitch to walk up. One thing to mention is I liked to expose my hairless boy cock, attracted girls but not one boy in school, so one hot summer afternoon when school let out of I went and said fuck it, tried to hitch a ride. I swear within 3 cars a dude pulls over and asked how far up the hill I was going and I responded the top, right were the park was. He said great me too, hop in, he had a nice car a 67 Mustang fastback with a 390 with a manual. He took off slow and stayed in 2and all the way. He started small talk, cars and girls. Then mentioned tits have I had made it to second base, yes I said I have made it to home plate and it smelled like fish and was so salty. He asked if I played with myself ? I said all guys do, don’t they ? Have you ever played with boys ? Fuck if my cock did not bulge a huge lump and these shorts are short, seriously short, plus I left my tidy white underwear in my locker, it had a huge rip and my dick just hung out, so I omitted it. Mind you this is all true, first time I had a chance to tell other guys who could understand without calling me a faggot.
So obviously the dude noticed the throbbing budge and my cocks head partly showing, I was flush, kind of funky feeling and excited. That is when I looked over to his hand on the stick and saw he had a huge bulge, I mean giant mountain, he saw me looking and said if I was attracted to dick ? Excuse me ? he responded did I get turned on seeing hard cocks. Why I answered is amazing since I was shy at first, I said yes I love looking at mine in the mirror and in that swingers magazine but every time I try and in one of those peep show places I get ask to leave. That was all It took and he laid his had on my throbbing cock which now popped out the side head first, oh my god I was so shocked. I thought I like to expose myself but at a distance not up front in your face, my cock grew and grew with each throbbing heartbeat. Now was fondling it and god it felt so good, when he unzipped and whipped out his monster cock I have no clue, all while driving. He asked me where I lived ? two blocks down on Anson way, he said wow I live three blocks from you, can you come over for a cool drink I like to show you what you wanted to see in those peep shows, interested ? Um yeah sure my father never gets home till after midnight he has a new big busted girlfriend, he is a boob man and really never worried about me. So sure, are they gay films ? You know where guys are doing things to each other I dreamed of what might be going on. In the swingers magazine I saw a guy sucking his own dick and I have been trying ever since, I am about a half an inch and can lick on the tip of my cock now.

I never said that to anyone and now I am blabbing I am a cock lover to a stranger who’s in his late 20s I think, clean shaven was not usual in the 69/70 s, he ask me to be calm he was a friend and we would have some real fun, nothing or anything that hurts, he told me I had to promise never ever till anyone, not my best friend or any adult, if I kept that promise I can come over anytime to enjoy sex movies. He said when he was my age an older man played sex with him and ever since he wanted to play with a kid and would I let him pleasure me like that girl did. I said sure if I can try sucking your dick too, also I wanted to play with it like I do mine and see how it feels. He said the movies would help me learn how to please myself and other men or boys. That’s when he made a right turn and raced up to an open garage and closed it with a button on the sun shade. When it was closed he said lets go in and make yourself at home. We entered into the kitchen and while he went to get the cool drinks he said go head to the living room, my eyes where everywhere and so were nude magazines of guys with hard dicks, guys sucking on dicks and what looked like sticking their cock in the ass of guys too, one caught my eye and I picked it up, I had so many wet dreams and caught them before it made a mess in my underwear and mad it to the john. Pushing my hard dick down as I started to feel like I had to piss in a weird way it shot out stream of white stuff after shot that was load as it hit the water I put my hand under it to catch it, it smelled like salami so I tasted it, it tasted good, I knew it was not piss so I licked up each shot which turned me on and my cock dripping this stuff was pointing right out and upward throbbing so I stroked it as I licked up this white milky stuff. I have to say I really liked the cock and white stuff a whole lot and was now fixated on my mind and now I am looking at a guy shooting it right into another guys mouth.
My ride introduced himself as Tom, I said I was Steven, he said these were very special films, we used super 8 in those days, he said it was about a boy my age and his first time with sex and with a little old boy like himself and the film was not allowed in America only Europe. So I flipped through the magazine of guy after guy shooting the white stuff, I ask what was the white stuff called, he said sperm but we guys call it cum, guys who love to be with other guys who love to play with other guys cocks you know dicks. Oh I eat mine when I catch it while having a wet dream, I love the taste and stroke my cock as I lick it of my hand and fingers and legs. It’s normal for us guys right Tom, it sure is Steve and there is not a man alive that has not tried a cock in his life and some loved it while others grew out of it for pussy, girls, tits and ass. What are your thoughts, me Tom I like big tits, pussy tastes not so good but my finger feels good in it, besides they suck my dick I mean my cock.
Now the film was ready and as he turned it on I noticed he was naked and had a hard cock swaying side to side, he said strip down and get naked Steve it’s fantastic to be naked while watching gay porn; feel free to play with your cock our even mine, can I too said Tom and I said sure as the first naked ones were boys, my age and younger all with hard cocks, tiny hairless, mine was hairless but actually huge for my age as Tom pointed out comparing me to the naked boys having sex on the screen. I have to be honest it turned me on, I wished I was in the movie to Tom, he asked if he could snap a couple of instant pictures of me playing with my cock, I said sure and he did as he moved in closer and ask me to put his cock in my mouth and suck on it for a picture, thinking to myself here is what I wanted for so long and now I feel scared, he saw this so he set the camera down clicked something and started to suck my cock, god it was heaven it felt so good feeling it and watching him on my cock and snap with a flash went the camera. He stopped pulled out the film and counted and then pealed off one side reviling hin and my cock in color, this hooked me to porn for life I loved the idea of men stroking off to my cock being sucked on by an adult, being a preteen almost thirteen a month and a half. But he said I was an official preteen homosexual and we continued to watch the movie, he passed me a beer, here you go you are a man now son. Wow a beer and I drank it straight down and it was great, Coors Beer. He asked if I ever smoked cigs before and said we all have, do you inhale, sure here try this and suck slowly, I said I smoke weed, this was not weed but better, it was a white rock in a glass bong and he used a tiny blow torch and I hit on it like if it was weed so a huge hit, holding it I laid back naked and a huge rush went through me like nothing I ever felt before, I closed my eyes and felt Tom sucking on my cock which went rocket hard and I got up with such a need for cock, I am gay instantly able to be gay freely and reached around as later I found out was a 69 position and we sucked cock and I was facing the screen watching these boys suck each other’s cocks and cum in and out of each other’s mouths. As if on cue he stopped and pulled me up kissing me, I like you Steve you have a huge cock for a kid and I know I make movies with boys and men and you are even bigger than some of the men and so smooth, I love it like that so giv me a second but first let’s have another hit okay, sure Tom. He held it and lit it and this had a big rock in it, he melted it some and then said hit it and boy I sucked on it as if was a cock, what a hit I passed out nearly and was instantly cock crazy and harder and bigger than I ever seen, what is that killer shit Tom, he said free base, thinking to myself I never heard of it but loved it. When Tom came back he was shaved smooth as I was hairless and he had a friend a boy a year younger then me and he said hi my name is Jim and was between my legs sucking my cock but all the way to my base, shit he ate my cock but he didn’t but was the best I felt ever as Tom now was filming us watching the preteen gay film and filming our sex. I loved sucking a cock I could relate with and being with a boy my age as hairless as I was felt good, though I like to glance at the older boy’s big cocks, they had hair and made fun of the boys who were hairless. I caught some jacking off in front of each other late, I watched till they shot cum on to one another. Me I stroked away but just clear stuff just on top leaving so horny and hard obviously noticed as girls groped me allowing me to grab their tits, I liked that big time.
Now I am confused, cock gives me a harder hard on but chicks turn me on too, up until Tom and the free base made me clearly a faggot gay cock sucker and cum eater who now was craving it as I watched a boy suck another boy as he shot each stream into his mouth I wanted it so bad, I yelled I want to eat cum Tom and as he put the camera on automatic I see he was stroking while filming and as I laid back looking at his huge smooth cock rock hard dripping that clear stuff he said set up and take a hit, as I did, it must have been stuffed because I was now in gay sex nirvana, he stroked his cock a few times and out shot huge jets of cum on my face, in my mouth and all over my face as I lifted my head higher to grab his cock with my free hand and wrapped my mouth around his huge head and sucked all the rest of his cum swallowing as much as I could and it turned me on crazy, me and the Jim now were jacking off like we were perverted boys who loved jacking off to boys naked and doing the same thing on the screen jacking off like if plugged in to the outlet. After a half hour I started shooting cum everywhere, seriously fling it there and there , just exploding and the I felt a deep sensation and had the best load of my life trying to reach my mouth around my cock with success I shot my own load in my mouth swallowing it so fiendishly as I looked up seeing Jim spaying cum all over the place, I jumped on his cock a suck his load that I knew was coming so to speak, did it, flooded my mouth as I tried to swallow it all and continued to suck his cock even limp. Then we heard CUT.
Though the film was shot we smoked rock coke as I found out and all sat around naked and fondled our cocks hard and smoked more and cum after cum until an alarm went off, Tom said take a show it’s 10 pm your dad remember, he washed my clothing and gave me three yellow pills with a V in them and said take this it will mellow you hot so you can sleep and three more to hide in my jeans coin pocket in case and reminded me not a word ok, I said are you kidding I loved it and want to do it every day, Tom said be at the spot he picked me up and let do it again but Jim won’t be here he has to go back to his mothers, he’s my son. But my brother’s son is coming and he has a cock a big as yours Steve.
As I walked home I unzipped my pants and no underwear my cock occasionally flopped out all puffy, the cool aroused me hard and now was in plain sight as I obviously found out from a friend, another boy who walked up and grabbed it saying nice size bro, stroked it twice and said let’s see if our parents will allow you to sleep over. I was in a fog, what just happened, really he likes cock too, no way he has all the girls that I haven’t had yet and one of them calls me a faggot as if she really knows. I mumbled yeah bro that feels good lets. He turned and smiled. Weird IIII
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