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Date: April 11, 2016 03:38PM
Hai iam French movie producer name ….
I am meet shila at French and iraninn movie festival in france ,she come there with her husband she wearing black hijab dress in the first sight I will attract on her ,she poss photoshoot come to theater im walking near to her introduce my self ,she talk to me that’s time her husband interfere our talk iam said ok bye to her ,im sitting same raw of her seated programs start Im look at her she also look at me same time I know she fear her husband saw that after programs finished she stand and look at me she walk back of her husband smiled at me .back to my hotel im dreamed about her she is such beauty like Arabian morning im waking late after reaching theater that’s time her husband dropping her and go im very happy she walk and sitting documentary movie category discussion ,im go and sttting near to her and talk I know she is interested talking with me after long time we talk she open her self , she told me her husband not interested movie he is conservative religious man ,we walk outside and coffee discussion iam ask her do u wanna come night party of movie festival ,she said sorry her husband not like that iam change topics after 5 ock we talk outside that’s time her husband come and waiting the parking area im said bye before she give one tissue paper im open that paper that’s her mobile number ,after reach my hotel room im send her message after 10 mint she reply me and we chat last im ask her where is your husband now she told me he back to iran for family argent my heart beating fast and take deep breath iam ask her again do wanna come party to night she not reply me after half and hour she said ok after saw her message im jump on my bed .hurry im take shower im put best perfume and take my Ferrari car go to front of her hotel , call her she out wearing hijab dress ,she get in front of car after im drive ask her this dress u wear the party ,she laugh and said I want have any other dress im just silent and ask her if im buy skirt for u do like to wear that she just silent said why not im stop car in shop ,she look around shop and come told me I don’t know im never brought these kind of dress im come to her and select side slit skirt we out side shop she again told me she don’t know how to wear , I saw beauty parlor near to shop we go there they help her wear skirt and come after I saw her my eyes dropout she look sexy beautiful we walk to car and drive to party ,after reach there im give her hand to out from car first time im touch her hand we walk there im brought her beer she told me she not drink ,I told her this is the party policy to drink beer ,she take a sip and we talk after she finished one glass im take one more glass she drink that’s too , im stand ask her dancing stand and dancing with me im hold her tightly and we dance after 12 ock party over we back ,im drop her hotel and walk to her room she open her room and said goodnight and close her door and im just walk two steps and come back knock the door she open fast and kiss her lips and she also kiss im actually drink her lips kiss down her neck and take her leg up kiss top her boobs and hold and take her she told me tight and put her to bed slowly kiss her down and slowly remove her skirt and kiss leg and kiss up and kiss near panty and kiss and lick her nipple and she make noise hold me tightly im kiss her lip again suck her lips and kiss down and remove her panty kiss and licks her pussy use my tongue she make noise and she told my dick and start suck my dick im turn on her and put my dick on her pussy fuck hard and after we tired and hug each other and lay bed ,im ask her tomorrow can we go to boat trip I own boat she said ok we sleep ,morning im woke up noise of mobile her husband call her he told her he back tomorrow evening she said ok , and she walk to bathroom im also get fresh drive to Cavalaire-sur-Mer on the we stop and brought some swimming dress for shila and we get in boat start im start boat after reach long distance im told her shila wear bikin she go inside after sometime she back ,she hand use to close her boobs I told her no problem we alone here she come sit front of boat and im stop boat put some sun cream put her back and
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