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Date: May 18, 2015 08:01PM
I thought it was odd, an out of the blue request from my ex to have lunch with me. But she was good for conversation and was nice to look at so I agreed to pick her up on my break. With only a limited time for lunch I tried to mentally find a lunch place near to her home in the south end that we could quickly dine at, at the very least I was going to have a good meal out of this. But the roads were busy, the lights were against me and the drivers were slow which made me worry we might just grab drive thru and eat in the car. To make matters worse she wasn’t even ready when I arrived at her place. “just a sec” she texted, followed by, “just putting my shoes on now! grinning smiley” in total I waited ten more minutes for her. She hadn’t changed.

But as she stepped out of her home and down her steps her small figure and swaying hips were hugged by tight pink sweats and matching hoodie made me smile. The hoodie was only zipped up half way and exaggerated her breast nicely. Maybe it was going to be worth the wait. As she got in the vehicle she smiled at me and thanked me for waiting almost as if a smile and a sparkle in her eyes would make everything better. I smiled back and realized it really was ok. As I drove down the street I couldn’t get the smile out of my head, her cheeks looked so alive, her eyes so bright, the pony tail she put her hair in even bounced with excitement. I wanted to lean over and kiss her, to grab her hand, to touch her thighs… but instead I asked her where she wanted to go for lunch.

“Let’s go to your place.”

“Huh” I asked as I mentally ran down a checklist of what was currently good in my fridge and ready to heat and serve in my cupbords. “But I’m on my lunch break, not much time Girl!”

“I know”

So I swung back though traffic headed back to my place. I didn’t like the idea but even with her plain jane look going on she still looked fantastic and I felt the incredible urge to simply look at her. I smiled as I pulled into my drive way, maybe if I was super lucky some afternoon delight could come of this. I looked at her and smiled, she smiled back and into the house we went.

I’m a bit hazy on the details of what happened next but from what I remember I closed and locked the house door behind us and she grabbed me. Our lips clashed and I felt her tongue attack my mouth as her hands began undoing my belt. Or maybe it was me who pushed my lips on her as my hands grabbed her hair and pulled her back onto the wall. Whatever. My body knew what was happening and she undid my pants my cock was already rising to the challenge but the moment her hand wrapped around it there was no doubt in my mind I was ready.

Somehow she slammed me back to the other side of the hall and I watched her lower herself down. For a moment she tried to tease me by a quick lick on the tip of my cock then a moist kiss but that wasn’t what I wanted. She had to have felt my hands tighten around her hair as I thrust my pelvic forward and my rock rod forced its way into her mouth. My hands moved back and forth, my pelvic swayed in time and I felt her sucking it.

She moaned. I thrust deeper. Her hands pressed against my hips and she pulled herself away and looked up at me, “Stop it!” she smiled, “I know what I’m doing” her eyes locked onto mine and she grabbed my cock in one hand as she moved herself down. My balls felt her tongue first as she began licking it then her lips kissed it. Her hand was stroking my rod slowly and I had to lean back and moan myself as her mouth sucked my ball in. I could feel her mouth and her tongue, all I could do was close my eyes and enjoy the ride – first one ball, then the other, slowly her hand stroking… after what seemed like an eternity he tongue slide up the side of my shaft and I felt her lips wrap around the tip again. Slowly she sucked as her lips crawled down me, even in her mouth her tongue swung back and forth pleasuring me. Up and down her lips rode, softly sucking, her hand now caressing my balls. I moaned and I groaned and I had to pull myself away. She followed, her mouth locked on to me. I could feel my balls bunching up and I was going to blast my load into her mouth. I tried to get away one more time, jerking my cock out of her mouth.

She let me go and smiled, “your pre-cum always tasted sweet”. I looked at her and she took off her hoodie. “What?” but she just smiled at me, she grabbed my cock and we walked to the living room. I sat down on the couch and she turned around letting me watch her peel off her sweats down over her hips and thighs. Gingerly she stepped out of them and her pink thong contrasted her golden skin, and beautiful ass. For a moment she swayed her hips back and forth in front of me, my hands caressed her thighs and I leaned forward. One kiss. A lick. My fingers tugged her thong down. I felt her bend over and her hot cunt came towards me. I could not resist. I grabbed her hips and my tongue dived into her pussy. Already wet with excitement each lick was a taste of her own special mix of juices and smells. Each lick a taste of memories. A taste of forgotten passions. Each lick a desire for more. My cock throbbed. I wanted to eat her dry. Her moans excited me more and more.

Suddenly a new taste and she started moaning and wiggling her ass. I kept licking. Then she pulled away with a squeal. She was leaning forward on my coffee table panting heavily and I did the only thing I could think of next. I stood up, grabbed her hips and rammed my iron rod into her wet wet pussy. I swear my neighbours heard her scream, my cock filled her cunt and I pulled it back out. It was hot. Her pussy was so hot. I had to feel it again and slammed my cock into her bent over body. Her ass jiggled. Her cunt was so wet and felt so tight and each time I slammed it into her there was a splash of her pussy juice, I could not stop. I felt her wiggle her hips and I grabbed on tighter, pulled her harder. She was not getting away now. Each thrust made her ass shake and looked so perfect. I could hear her moaning but I could only concentrate on holding on to her hips for the next one. And the next one. Nothing mattered. For a moment she was here and she was screaming because of my cock.

“GOD I ALWAYS LOVED YOUR BALLS” she screamed and for a moment I could feel them swinging into her clit each time my cock pounded into her cunt. In that moment perfection was achieved, her ass shaking to my enjoyment my iron rod invading her hot wet pussy and my balls gloriously slamming into her clit making her scream. And I could feel my cum building up. My inner thighs were getting tighter, my neck tingled and the cumming explosion was going to blast right through her snatch and come right out her mouth. I slammed her again and again. The build up pushed beyond the point of no return and I threw my head back and thought suddenly, ‘I DIDN’T PUT A CONDOM ON!’

The jets were already firing as I pushed her away and off my cock but somewhere in that I found the state of mind to grab her hair and drag her head around, she screamed and her eyes were wide in surprise as she tried to figure out what was going on but as my hot jet spray of jizz hit her cheek I’m sure she figured it out. The second wave of cum came firing out and I had pulled her head back and she had opened her mouth, in surprise protest or expectation I didn’t really care but her nose got covered and her mouth got hit too. By the time the third blast was cumming out she was licking her lips and I watched her mouth come cover my cock. I let it all fire and she sucked it all in. My body had shaken so hard, so hard I felt 16 again.

Finally I looked down at her cum washed face and thought to myself, ‘I wonder if she wants some bread to sop that up with… this was supposed to be lunch.’ I looked at the clock and it was 1:45. She looked up at me and smiled, “I really hope my next man can fuck like you! Take me home”.

“You might want to clean yourself up first”
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